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Standing by the statue of James Joyce in Dublin, Ireland—one of my favorite fiction writers.

Standing by the statue of James Joyce in Dublin, Ireland—one of my favorite fiction writers.

Stephen D Morrison (S. D. Morrison) is an American, ecumenical writer and theologian with a passion for the good news of Jesus Christ. Stephen is the author of several books on subjects such as the problem of evil, the rapture theory, and the gospel of grace. With a theologically inspired yet approachable writing style, Stephen works to proclaim the gospel ever afresh as good news of great joy.

Stephen’s work will inspire you to think differently about the Christian faith, live differently as a beloved child of God, and to hope radically in the Kingdom of God.

Hi, my name’s Stephen. I’m a writer; I write under the name Stephen D. Morrison (or S. D. Morrison for short), and my primary interest is theology. I’ve written some fiction, including an experimental novel, No. 1and other literary books, but theology is my passion and makes up most of what you’ll find here.

I call myself an Author & Theologian, but truthfully I am really just a theology student at the school of “books” with no plans of graduating anytime soon. Thus, I am, and presumably always will be, merely an amateur theologian. But I hope you don’t count that against me.

Robert F. Capon, priest, author, and amateur chef, once wrote in his famous cookbook The Supper of the Lamb:

“The world may or may not need another cookbook, but it needs all the lovers – amateurs – it can get. It is a gorgeous old place, full of clownish graces and beautiful drolleries, and it has enough textures, tastes, and smells to keep us intrigued for more time than we have. Unfortunately, however, our response to its loveliness is not always delight: It is, far more often than it should be, boredom. And that is not only odd, it is tragic; for boredom is not neutral – it is the fertilizing principle of unloveliness.

“In such a situation, the amateur – the lover, the man who thinks heedlessness is a sin and boredom a heresy – is just the man you need.”

The world may not need yet another theologian, but perhaps it needs an amateur, awestruck with the infinite beauty of God, passionate about faith seeking understanding. For me, theology is a doxological work in which we through grace participate in God’s knowledge of Himself as He is reveals Himself in Jesus Christ. Thus…

“The theologian who labors without joy is not a theologian at all. Sulky faces, morose thoughts and boring ways of speaking are intolerable in this field.” – Karl Barth

As an amateur, one of my hopes is to make theology readable and relatable in ways only an amateur can. I enjoy reading a lot of difficult writers, and I hope to make their ideas approachable (as they deserve to be read and understood broadly). Some of the names you’ll hear include Karl Barth, Thomas F. Torrance, and Jürgen Moltmann—these are my three favorite theologians so you’ll be hearing a lot on them, and others, as I explore the vast world of theological inquiry.

Keltin and I after she received her summa cum laude bachelors degree in Public Economics from TTÜ (Tallinn, Estonia).

Keltin and I after she received her summa cum laude bachelors degree in Public Economics from TTÜ (Tallinn, Estonia).

On a personal note, I’m married to my beautiful, gracious, and brilliant wife, Ketlin. You may or may not be able to tell this from her name, but she’s an Estonian (I’m an American). We accordingly live slightly unorthodox lives, or at least we will until Ketlin finishes her studies in economics. At the moment we live occasionally in Tallinn, Estonia, and occasionally in America (Ohio). So depending on the month, you may find us on either side of the Atlantic!

I’ve written a few books so far, the longest and most complete being We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (2015), which presents a personal rediscovery of the gospel as truly “good news”. My other books include Where Was God? (2014), on Moltmann’s answer to God and human suffering, 10 Reasons Why the Rapture Must Be Left Behind (2015), my argument against the rapture theory, and finally, Welcome Home (2016), a short and simple “pamphlet” of sorts presenting the gospel. See all my books here.

One of my favorite things I do on this website is my Readers’ Group. My Readers’ Group is an email newsletter that I send out on the first of every month, and in this email I include a free book for that month, plus any news about my writing projects or chances to get early access to them! Plus, just for signing up, you receive, in it’s entirety, my book Where Was God? for free! So if you’re not on this list, you should be. Sign up here and get your free book.

Well, that’s probably enough about me for now. If you have any questions for me, or just want to say hello and tell me about how you found my website, you can contact me here. Feel free to check out popular subjects I’ve written on, as well as my most recent articles. You can also connect with me on Twitter and Facebook, where every day I post many thought-provoking quotes.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are blessed by what I’ve written here and in my books!


Stephen D. Morrison

DISCLAIMER: I write as I learn, and I am always learning. Therefore, not everything I have written in the past, including some articles on this website, reflect what I currently believe about any given subject. I have what you might call an “open” theology, open to God’s freedom and to the fact that God’s love and grace is always greater than I can ever conceive. I am a firm believer in theology as a pilgrimage and not as a final destination. I’m still learning, and my writing is ever evolving for that reason. As Augustine aptly said, “I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.” For more see My Journey.


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