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Divine Interpretation by T.F. Torrance: a Review

Book: Divine Interpretation: Studies in Medieval and Modern Hermeneutics by Thomas F. Torrance (edited by Adam Nigh and Todd Speidell) (AMAZON LINK) Publisher: Pickwick Publications (an imprint of Wipf&Stock) (PUBLISHERS LINK) Overview: Released only this month, this collection of essays by Torrance is a

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T.F. Torrance on Universalism and Limited Atonement (as Dual Heresies)

I’ve been reading the newly released collection of essays by T.F. Torrance, Divine Interpretation: Studies in Mediaeval and Modern Hermeneutics. Wipf & Stock Publishers were kind enough to send me a review copy, and when I finish reading the book I will be posting my

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Fortress Press eBook Sale (Barth, Moltmann, Bultmann, and others)

Fortress Press is currently running their eBook sale on Amazon. Every year I have benefited tremendously from this sale and thought this year I should publish a list of some of the best titles up for grabs. Particularly notable books

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“Encountering Reality” by Travis M. Stevick: a Book Review

Book: Encountering Reality: T.F. Torrance on Truth and Human Understanding by Travis M. Stevick (AMAZON LINK) Publisher: Fortress Press, emerging scholars series (PUBLISHERS LINK) Overview: Stevick’s book was an interesting read, which engages Torrance’s epistemological developments with contemporary philosophy and science. This was

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Trinitarian Theology after Barth: a Review

Book: Trinitarian Theology after Barth (Princeton Theological Monograph) ed. by Myk Habets and Phillip Tolliday, with a foreword by John Webster (AMAZON LINK) Publisher: Pickwick Publications (an imprint of Wipf & Stock Publishers), included in the Princeton Theological Monograph Series #148 (PUBLISHER

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“Trinitarian Grace and Participation” by Geordie W Ziegler: a Review

Book: Trinitarian Grace and Participation: An Entry into the Theology of T. F. Torrance by Geordie W Ziegler (Amazon link) Publisher: Fortress Press (Emerging Scholars series), 2017 (Publishers link) Overview: Ziegler’s book is quite an achievement, with clarity and precision he embarks on the difficult

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The Final Written Words of Karl Barth

In my book, Karl Barth in Plain English, I wrote the following: Karl Barth died in his sleep on the morning of December 10 [1968], having spent the evening listening to Mozart and writing yet another theology lecture. Barth left that lecture

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Karl Barth in Plain English – Facebook Live Q&A

Available now—pick up your copy from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or Apple iBooks Like this article? Share it!

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“Karl Barth in Plain English” – Table of Contents

Karl Barth in Plain English is now available on Amazon Kindle, and soon in paperback format. I’m incredibly excited for this book, which has been the product of years of reading and studying Karl Barth. In this book I hope to

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“Beware of ‘America First'” – Jürgen Moltmann on Donald Trump’s America

I have just shared about Jürgen Moltmann’s letter to me, which you can read here in its entirety. But I wanted to highlight a moving aspect of that letter, namely, Moltmann’s response to my question about Donald Trump as the new

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