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C. Baxter Kruger on Scripture and Encountering Jesus

Baxter-Kruger-Photo-1a“If he [Jesus] is not able to meet us in person and share his own mind and heart and Spirit with us, the door of heaven remains locked before us. We are left outside with a book about God. It may be an accurate book; it may be filled with inerrant statements about God. But a book is not a person, information is not communion.

[…]It would have never crossed the apostles’ minds that people would cling to their writings [the bible] as a substitute for an encounter with Jesus.

[…]The paper and ink, the words and pages of holy scripture, in and of themselves, are dead. They do not know the Father. They are not alive with the life of the Trinity. They do not contain or confer, in and of themselves, the communion of the Father, Son and Spirit. They may be accurate, but without Jesus Christ they have no power, no life, no communion with God to give to us. But in the presence and activity of Jesus Christ, the scriptures serve his self-communication to us, and they serve our perception of the Lord who is encountering us.”

– C. Baxter Kruger quote taken from this essay.

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Freedom From Sin – D.R. Silva

hyper-graceThe grace message, which is now being ignorantly slandered around the world, is the inviatation to the whole creation to boldly approach their creator without the fear that He’s going to crush them because of their rotten behavior. Come and meet your creator and find out how graceful and loving He really is. Don’t cower down in fear, He’s not out to get you. Why? Because you deserve this kindness? No. That’s why it’s called grace.

The message is not “go around and keep sinning because God is such a nice guy!” but rather, “Christ has come to deliver you out of that perpetual life of doom and depression that none of us want to be a part of, but we also don’t know how to get out of on our own. He has removed the thing causing that vicious cycle of sin. Now you are free to live and enjoy life without the constant feeling of guilt and shame over behavior you don’t know how to stop doing, and the fear that God is going to destroy you over it.”

God is not an angry dictator.

What is the opposite we’ve been taught? “Quite sinning because God is angry! He will punish sinners and drive them away! Christ has come to forgive our sin, but we’re always going to sin because we’re so wicked!”

Really? That’s what we’ve labeled “good news” and “grace” in Christianity? Let’s get real.

Tell me which message is the one actually giving people permission to sin: the one that says, “You’re free from sin! You don’t have to live that way anymore!” or the one that says, “You’re prone to sin as long as you live! But you better try your damned hardest to avoid it or God is going to judge you!”

Taken from Hyper-Grace: The Dangerous Doctrine of a Happy God

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18 Brilliant James B. Torrance Quotes

9780830818952I just finished a fantastic book from the Scottish theologian J.B. Torrance, called Worship Community and the Triune God of Grace. Here are 18 of my favorite quotes from the book. Enjoy! —-

The bible is primarily a manual of worship, but too often it has been treated, particularly in Protestantism, as a manual of ethics, of moral values, of religious ideas, or even of sound doctrine. When we see that the worship and mission of the church are the gift of participating through the Holy Spirit in the incarnate Son’s communion with the Father and the Son’s mission from the Father to the world, that the unique center of the Bible is Jesus Christ, “the apostle and high priest whom we confess” (Heb. 3:1), then the doctrines of the Trinity, the Incarnation, the atonement, the ministry of the Spirit.. all unfold from that center. (Pg. 9)

Worship is.. the gift of participating through the Spirit in the incarnate Son’s communion with the Father. (Pg. 20)

He lifts us up out of ourselves to participate in the very life and communion of the Godhead, that life of communion for which we were created. (Pg. 22)

[The existential model of worship] Although is stresses the God-humanward movement in Christ, the human-Godward movement is still ours! It emphasizes our faith, our decision, our response in an event theology which short-circuits the vicarious humanity of Christ and belittles union with Christ. (Pg. 29)

It ignores the fact that God has already provided for us that response which alone is acceptable to Him- the offering made for the whole human race in the life, obedience and passion of Jesus Christ. (Pg. 29)

The prime purpose of the incarnation, in the love of God, is to lift us up into the life of communion, of participation in the very Triune life of God. (Pg. 32)

What God is towards us in these relationships, He is in His innermost Being. (Pg. 33)

RevProfJamesBTorranceBut it is not my faith or my decision and conversion, my dying and raising which washes away my sins. It is Christ’s vicarious baptism for us in blood on the cross, His death in which we, by grace, participate through water and the Spirit. (Pg. 34)

We require a better doctrine of God. For too long, our concepts of God have been dominated by Plato, Aristotle, Stoic concepts of God as primarily the giver of natural law, the contract-God of Western jurisprudence who needs to be conditioned into being gracious by law being satisfied, static concepts of “substance,” of God as an unmoved mover and an impassable first clause, etc. We need to recover a biblical understanding of God as the covenant God of grace, not a contract-God, the God who has His loving Being-in-communion, and who has, in the freedom of His love, created us and redeemed us that we might find our true being in communion with Him and one another. (Pg. 35)

In our modern world, in the tradition of Boethius and the Enlightenment, we usually equate the concept of “the person” with that of “the individual.” But in a Christian understanding this is a mistake. Just as the words “father,” “mother,” “husband,” “wife,” “brother,” “sister” are relational terms, so with the word “person.” The human person is someone who finds his or her true being in relation, in love, in communion. (Pg. 39)

He [Jesus] does not appease an angry God to condition Him into being gracious, but in perfect acknowledgement of the holy love of the Father for a sinful world, seals God’s covenant purposes for all humanity by His blood. (Pg. 49)

The covenant between God and humanity is concentrated in His [Jesus’] person. (Pg. 50)

The Christ by whom all things were made is the same Christ who, for us and our salvation, assumed our humanity. In other words, the Son of God who created Adam for sonship and communion and immortality does not abandon His loving purposes for humanity, for every single human person. But in order to redeem humanity and to bring to fulfillment His purpose for humanity, for everyone, He Himself becomes a man that He might fulfill in us His own person God’s purpose of love and obedience and worship. (Pg. 52)

trinity-knotChrist does not heal us as an ordinary doctor might, by standing over us, diagnosing our sickness, prescribing medicine for us to take and then going away, leaving us to get better as we follow His instructions. No, He becomes the patient. He assumes that very humanity which is in need of redemption, and by being anointed by the Spirit in our humanity, by a life of perfect obedience, by dying and rising again, for us, our humanity is healed in Him, in His person. We are not just healed through Christ, because of the work of Christ, but in and through Christ. Person and work must not be separated. (Pg. 53)

Our repentance is thus a response to grace, not a condition of grace. (Pg. 57)

God is always the subject of propitiation, never it’s object. (Pg. 60)

Grace means that God gives Himself to us as God, freely and unconditionally, to be worshiped and adored. But grace also means that God comes to us in Jesus Christ as man, to do for us and in us what we cannot do. (Pg. 65)

We need to give primacy to the question of who over how. (Pg. 93)

(All quotes are the copyright of James B. Torrance, and Inter-Varsity press. 1996)

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Laughing Repentance – Stephen D Morrison

PictureHere’s a favorite quote of mine from my first book. Enjoy! (Page 114)

“The heart of God burns passionately for this one thing: relationship with humanity. He wants us to give up all our foreign notions of an angry God, and leave them out for garbage. Notions of an angry, punishing God are nothing short of rubbish. Throw them away, and never think about God like that ever again.

God is not behind our pain. He has no ulterior motive beyond the love that He desperately longs to give to us. God is extremely good. He is not out to get you, punish you, or cause you pain. God is the God who solves pain.

So forget all those silly ideas about a God who causes pain. Forget any notion that makes God look like anything but Jesus. Forget them, and be free.

Be free to embrace God as He truly is. Embrace the freedom of being His beloved child. Repent and see that God really is far better than you have ever dreamed He could be. You will jump joyously, and shout extravagantly in the exhilaration of unconditional love. You will dance in the fields of trust, and sing the endless songs of His pleasure.

Repentance is a joy. Repentance does not find us at the altar in a puddle of tears before an angry God. Repentance finds us at the altar hilariously happy in the ecstatic revelation of who God is.

When we see God aright- when we repent- we will find ourselves sweetly filled up with unspeakable Joy. And for that, we will laugh. We laugh like mad men who have just struck an endless supply of gold. We laugh wildly, and freely because we have discovered that God is far, far better than we’ve ever dreamed He could be. He is better, and we are continually repenting to see it. Repentance is far from a sorrowful act. True repentance sees God for who He is, and can’t help but to dance exuberantly in the sheer pleasure of it all. Repentance sounds like laughter, and fun. We have embraced our Father, we have glimpsed His goodness, and we have become undone with gladness.”

Taken from my first book, The God Who Solves Pain. Available now in paperback and for Kindle!

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The Bishop and the Mystic – Brennan Manning

Former-priest-s-memoir-looks-at-forgiveness-1Perhaps you’ve heard this story: Four years ago in a large city in the far West, rumors spread that a certain Catholic woman was having visions of Jesus. The reports reached the archbishop. He decided to check her out. There is always a fine line between the authentic mystic and the lunatic fringe.

“Is it true, ma’am, that you have visions of Jesus?” asked the cleric.

“Yes,” the woman replied simply.

“Well, the next time you have a vision, I want you to ask Jesus to tell you the sins that I confessed in my last confession.”

The woman was stunned. “Did I hear you right, bishop? You actually want me to ask Jesus to tell me the sins of your past?”

“Exactly. Please call me if anything happens.”

Ten days later the woman notified her spiritual leader of a recent apparition. “Please come,” she said.

Within the hour the archbishop arrived. He trusted eye-to-eye contact. “You just told me on the telephone that you actually had a vision of Jesus. Did you do what I asked?”

“Yes, bishop, I asked Jesus to tell me the sins you confessed in your last confession.”

The bishop leaned forward with anticipation. His eyes narrowed.

“What did Jesus say?”

She took his hand and gazed deep into his eyes. “Bishop,” she said, “these are his exact words: I CAN’T REMEMBER.’”

(Taken from The Ragamuffin Gospel)

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The Supernatural Will Never Satisfy! – Dave Vaughan

big-brother-dave-vaughanThe ‘Supernatural’ will never satisfy! I’ll say it again guys, ‘The supernatural will never satisfy!’ Every time we travel we have guys wanting us to reveal stories of great things we have seen. Sometimes out of relationship and to help we may share some stuff BUT it is always wrapped up in the glory of an effort free Gospel foundation and ONLY out of relationship! 

It’s the Gospel and the Gospel alone that satisfies! The reality of who we are soooooo transcends just seeing stuff manifest! The Gospel allows us to live such a full and free life that if we never ‘Saw’ a ‘Supernatural’ act it wouldn’t bother us in the slightest! We are satisfied with a drink of Truth which is the most supernatural and liberating reality there is! Man creation speaks continually of the supernatural, nature continually depicts His Glory, for me walking in the supernatural is nothing easier than walking the dogs with my wife to a local park and beholding the works of His hands!

Listen I believe we are about to see the greatest demonstrations of power planet earth will ever witness. I believe the supernatural is way more than an act it’s a Person who lives within us and that just being who we are is and will trigger supernatural activity. I’m in no way against the supernatural, how can I be against something that I am? Yet I do realise the evolution humanity is going through and I do consider the hearing of Truth and the relaying via the Gospel of the foundation of our lives as way more important and significant than floating a foot off the ground. History is scattered with stories of guys who ‘Saw’ so much yet whose lives failed to represent Him! Who witnessed power yet never were true witnesses of Him! Man that’s sad! Let’s evolve together in the Truth guys, let’s allow Him to encourage us how to effortlessly walk in who we are and together let’s see Eden manifest all around us!

(Taken from Dave’s email newsletter December 18, 2013)

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Jesus Is Not Santa Claus – Robert Farrar Capon

rfcThe words of that dreadful Christmas song sum up perfectly the only kind of messianic behavior the human race, in it’s self-destructive folly, is prepared to accept: ‘He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice; he’s going to find out whose naughty and nice’ – and so on into the dark night of all the tests this naughty world can never pass. For my money, what Jesus senses clearly and for the first time in the coin in the fishes mouth is that He is not, thank God, Santa Clause. He will come to the worlds sins with no list to check, not test to grade, not debts to collect, no scores to settle. He will wipe away the handwriting that was against us and nail it to His cross. (Col. 2:14) He will save, not some minuscule coterie of good little boys and girls with religious money in their piggy banks, but all the stone-broke, deadbeat, overextended children of this world whom He, as the son of man- the Holy Child of God, the ultimate Big Kid, if you please – will set free in the liberation of His death. And when He senses that… well, it is simply to laugh. He racks a “gone fishing” sign over the sweatshop of religion, and for all the debts of all sinners who ever lived, He provides exact change for free. How nice it would be if the church could only remember to keep itself in on the joke.

(Taken from Kingdom, Grace, Judgement: Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus)

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It is finished – Dr. C Baxter Kruger

Baxter-Kruger-Photo-1aThe Gospel is the astonishing news that something has happened to the Son of God, and the equally astonishing news that in Him something has happened to the human race. If the whole human race fell into ruin in Adam- a creature, a mere man- what happened to the human race in the death of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God? Paul tells us. When Jesus Christ died, we died. But that is only the beginning. When He rose, we rose. He ascended and sits at the right hand of God the Father almighty, the place of honor and love and delight and complete and utter acceptance, and Paul tells us that in HIs ascension we too were lifted up and seated with Him at the Father’s right hand-and there and then welcomed, accepted, embraced forever.

The Gospel is the good news of what became of the Son of God and of what became of us in Him. It is the news that Adam and all of us were crucified with Christ, dead and buried, and on the third day Adam and all of us were quickened with new life and raised with Jesus, and then lifted up to the Father’s right hand in Jesus’ ascension and seated with Christ. 

What happened on the cross? Why did Jesus die? How do we understand the meaning of His death?

The death of Jesus Christ was part of a seamless movement in which the Triune God laid hold of the human race and decisively and sovereignly altered its very existence, cleansing it of all alienation, quickening it with new life and lifting it up into union with the Father, Son, and Spirit.

It is finished. 

(Taken from Dr. C. Baxter Kruger’s brilliant book- Jesus and the Undoing of Adam)

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A Tribute to C.S. Lewis (12 thought-provoking quotes)

cs-lewis-writingToday is the 50th anniversary of the passing of C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis is the author of over 40 books on apologetic, Christianity, and fantasy. His writings, especially his fiction books, have had a large impact on my life. So in his honor, I have collected 12 of my favorite thought provoking, quotes. Enjoy!

“In the Incarnation God the Son takes the body and human soul of Jesus, and, through that, the whole environment of Nature, all the creaturely predicament, into His own being.
So that ‘He came down from Heaven’ can almost be transposed into ‘Heaven drew earth up into it,’ and locality, limitation, sleep, sweat, footsore weariness, frustration, pain, doubt, and death, are, from before all worlds, known by God from within.
The pure light walks the earth; the darkness, received into the heart of Deity, is there swallowed up. Where, except in uncreated light, can the darkness be drowned?”
Letters to Malcolm

“The gates of hell are locked from the inside.”
The Problem of Pain

“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation. The only place outside of Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is Hell.”
The Four Loves

“Joy is the serious business of heaven.”
Letters to Malcolm

“The earth was of many colors; they were fresh, hot, and vivid. They made you feel excited, until you saw the Singer Himself, and then you forgot everything else.”
The Magicians Nephew

“It is Christ Himself, not the Bible, who is the true Word of God. The Bible, read in the right spirit and with the guidance of good teachers, will bring us to Him.”
Letters of C. S. Lewis

“It would seem that Our Lord finds our desires, not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.”
The Weight of Glory

51SsrpYv1EL“Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,
At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,
When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.”
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

“The Happy Trinity is her home: nothing can trouble her joy.”
The Great Divorce

“Redeemed humanity is still young, is has hardly come to its full strength. But already there is joy enough in the little finger of a great saint such as yonder lady to waken all the dead things of the universe to life.”
The Great Divorce

“What, then, is the difference which He has made to the whole human mass? It is just this; that the business of becoming a son of God, of being turned from a created thing into a begotten thing, of passing over from the temporary biological life into timeless ‘spiritual’ life, has been done for us. Humanity is already ‘saved’ in principle. We individuals have to appropriate that salvation. But the really tough work–the bit we could not have done for ourselves–has been done for us. We have not got to try to climb up into spiritual life by our own efforts; it has already come down into the human race. If we will only lay ourselves open to the one Man in whom it was fully present, and who, in spite of being God, is also a real man, He will do it in us and for us. Remember what I said about ‘good infection’ One of our own race has this new life: if we get close to Him we shall catch it from Him.”
Mere Christianity

“And that, by the way, is perhaps the most important difference between Christianity and all other religions: that in Christianity God is not a static thing–not even a person–but a dynamic, pulsating activity, a life, almost a kind of drama. Almost, if you will not think me irreverent, a kind of dance.”
Mere Christianity

What are some of your favorites? Share them below!

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Drunk With Love – St. Catherine of Siena

Catherine_of_SienaYou, high eternal Trinity, acted as if You were drunk with love, infatuated with Your creature.. You, Sweetness itself, stooped to join Yourself with our bitterness. You, Splendor, joined Yourself with darkness; You, Wisdom with foolishness; You, Life with death; You, the Infinite, with us who are finite. What drove you to this?

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