Theology in Plain English Series

The “Theology in Plain English” series combines my passion for reading theology with my desire to make that theology more readily accessible to a wider audience. The aim of each of these books is to present a clear, precise, and concise summary of the most important ideas from various theologians of interest. I write as an amateur for amateurs. As an amateur I do not present an exhaustive study, but an introductory study in which I explore the ideas I have found the most helpful from each individual.

Here is the current order in which I hope to publish the “Theology in Plain English” series (subject to change):

Karl Barth in Plain English (2017)

Thomas F. Torrance in Plain English (tbd)

Jürgen Moltmann in Plain English (tbd)

Friedrich Schleiermacher in Plain English (tbd)

Robert W. Jenson in Plain English (tbd)

Eberhard Jüngel in Plain English (tbd)

Rudolf Bultmann in Plain English (tbd)

Paul Tillich in Plain English (tbd)

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