A Vision of Christ (Podcast)

A Vision of Christ: This message was shared on May 21st, 2014 at Hope:Tallinn church in Estonia. 20 minutes long, on “what makes the Gospel good news?” Enjoy!




New English Bible, John 1:1-5, 14: Who is Christ? He is the eternal Being, He is the one through Whom all things come to be, He is the Word of the Father to man, and He is the Word became flesh.

Hypostatic Union: Jesus Christ is fully God of God, and man of man. He holds both natures in Himself.

In His Divinity He has laid hold of our humanity, healing our humanity and reconciling us back to God. In the incarnation we can say that God has truly reached us. He has found us in our darkness. Adam and Eve hid in the garden and Christ has come to find us once again.

In His humanity He has enacted a new covenant between God and the human race by taking up our cause and fulfilling our side of the covenant before God. He therefore is at once the God-manward motion and the man-Godward motion. In His vicarious humanity He came and did as us what we cannot do in and of ourselves.

In our union with Christ we partake of this covenant relationship that has been established in Christ.

Christ’s death: Jesus dies our death, undoing death and destroying sin, setting us free from both.

Christ’s resurrection: We have died with Him, and we raise to life with Him. We are new creations in Christ, as we partake in His divine nature and in His resurrection life.

Christ’s ascension: When Christ ascended and seated on high, He took us up with Him, seating us in heavenly places with God in Christ.

The Gospel is the stunning announcement that we have been included into the very Trinitarian life of God, that we now live in the heart of the Trinity. We share in the Great Dance of God. That is what makes the Gospel so astounding.

What is the gospel in one sentence? My sentence: The Gospel is Jesus, the Son of God, Who has become man in order to bring us home to His Father. 

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