My name is Stephen D. Morrison. I am 30 years old, and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife, Ketlin.

I am the author of thirteen books. I’m best known for my “Plain English” series (Karl Barth in Plain English), but I’ve also written works of fiction and literary criticism. Find out more about my Plain English series here, or see all my books here.

I am an amateur theologian. Theology is a central passion of my life. I am especially interested in making theology approachable and relevant to everyday people. I am not a professionally trained theologian and proudly wear my “amateur” title accordingly. I did attend a two-year, unaccredited ministry school, but my theological education has been primarily self-taught.

The theologians who have influenced me the most (so far) are Barth, Torrance, Moltmann, Schleiermacher, and Cone. But I am a life-long student and have no fixed allegiances—though I must admit that Barth’s shadow looms the largest in my mind.

I am a coffee roaster. I love the subtle delights of coffee and the tactile experience of roasting, brewing, and drinking it. Roasting is a way to make money, but it is also a way to get out of my head.

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