Are We Forgetting the Trinity? (Podcast)

This message was spoken at Hope church in Tallinn, Estonia on April 23rd, 2014.


“We must be willing to admit that, should the doctrine of the Trinity have to be dropped as false, the major part of religious literature could well remain virtually unchanged.” – Karl Rehner

How much of our knowledge of God is Unitarian, when it should be Trinitarian?

How can we know anything about God? If knowledge is knowing the inner being of a person, than how can we know God? Only in a Trinitarian way.

Matthew 11:27

Perichoresis: the theological term describing the inner relationship between the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Karl Barth says: “One cannot speak of God simply by speaking of man in a loud voice.”

Three closing points:

1 – Knowledge of God is achieved only through knowing God in His inner being and relation. i.e. Through knowing Him in a Trinitarian way.

2 – It is through the self-revelation of Christ Jesus that we have an entrance into that closed inner knowing of God. Therefore, Christ is our focus in all theology.

3 – We cannot know God simply by taking human attributes we find admirable and enlarging them to the face of a God. Our terms perfected do not define God, Jesus defines God.

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