Are You From Satan’s Church?

Satan's churchAre you from Satan’s church?

It seems like a silly question, but according to a well known American pastor, if you support gay marriage, you are. In fact, you “belong to satan” he says.

This, my friends, is nonsense.

Christianity has picked up a nasty habit. We’ve become professionals at kicking people out.

Professional stone throwers.

Do you disagree with someone? Well then, sadly, the popular thing to do is to excommunicate, alienate, and demonize them. This instance with the American pastor is far from abnormal.

Ironically, the word “Satan” actually means “accuser.” This pastor, in labeling fellow believers Satanic, is acting more like Satan than anyone else. Fundamentally, Satan is the accuser. Who, then, is acting more like Satan in this scenario?

Inclusion vs. Exclusion

Jesus has a lot to say to those who are quick to exclude those whom He has included. For example, in Matthew 19 Jesus makes a famous statement about letting “the little children come to me.” Reading this in our culture you hear a cute statement about being like children. But if you understand the history, you’ll read a different story. Children, in ancient israel, were not  treated kindly.

Children were the outcasts; the nobodies of society. They were seen as property, not as people.

Jesus was making a profound statement about inclusion here. In accepting the little children, Jesus accepted the culturally unacceptable, He included the culturally excluded.

Jesus stood for inclusion, not for exclusion.

“The name of Jesus, whose life and message resonated with acceptance, welcome, and inclusion, has too often become a symbol of elitism, exclusivism, and aggression.” – Brian McLaren

What would Jesus do in the face of this blatant exclusion, the slanderous accusation from a mega-church pastor? Would He stand on the side of the accuser, or of the accused?

If we take the life of Jesus seriously, we cannot stand on the side of the accuser. I believe instead we must become the most inclusive, accepting, and loving group of people on the planet. Rather than throwing accusations and playing satan, we will be Christ-like by loving, accepting, and including the outcasts; the nobodies.

If you’re standing on the receiving end of this pastors accusations, hear this. If you follow Jesus, you are not from Satan’s church. Don’t let the fame of one man be the mouth piece of satan towards you.

You’re not from satan’s church until you start picking up stones.

What are you thoughts about this? Let me know, comment below!

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