REVIEW: Karl Barth’s Epistle to the Romans: Retrospect and Prospect

Book: Karl Barth’s Epistle to the Romans: Retrospect and Prospect. Edited by Christophe Chalamet, Andreas Dettwiler, and Sarah Steward-Kroeker. Publisher: De Gruyter, 2022. In the “Theologische Bibliothek Töpelmann” series edited by Bruce McCormack, Friederike Nüssel, and Christoph Schwöbel. Overview: One hundred years after its […]

Ecological Fatalism

I wrote this paper for my Old Testament class at seminary, and I think it merits sharing here. The assignment was to reflect on the wilderness account and relate it to a personal or modern issue. I chose to write […]

REVIEW: Jesus’ Life in Dying by Friedrich Schleiermacher

Book: Jesus’ Life in Dying: Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Pre-Easter Reflections to the Community of the Redeemer by Friedrich Schleiermacher; translated by Iain G. Nicol and Allen G. Jorgenson Publisher: Cascade Books (an Imprint of Wipf & Stock), 2020. Overview: This new collection of sermons […]