Blood Moon Madness (End Times Info-Graphic)

Let me tell you an interesting fact:

End times prophetic words have a success rate of exactly 0% and a failure rate of exactly 100%. 

If that’s confusing data for you, let me help you with this info-graphic. (I’ve spent hours of research to compile this data for you. You’re welcome.)

End Times Prophetic Report

Blood Moons

What if blood moons are just something cool, not something apocalyptic?

Jesus said, time and time again throughout his parables, that we will never know when the end comes. I used to get super into end times predictions, constantly looking for the signs of Jesus’ return, and all that jazz.

So do these blood moons mean anything? No. 1

Let’s stop trying to divine something that is clearly a mystery. God forbids it. 2

Did you see the Blood Moon?

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  1. Greg Boyd does a great job in this video talking about why the blood moon prophecy is false. Check it out
  2. It’s called divination. Here’s some great information about it.

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