C. Baxter Kruger on Scripture and Encountering Jesus

Baxter-Kruger-Photo-1a“If he [Jesus] is not able to meet us in person and share his own mind and heart and Spirit with us, the door of heaven remains locked before us. We are left outside with a book about God. It may be an accurate book; it may be filled with inerrant statements about God. But a book is not a person, information is not communion.

[…]It would have never crossed the apostles’ minds that people would cling to their writings [the bible] as a substitute for an encounter with Jesus.

[…]The paper and ink, the words and pages of holy scripture, in and of themselves, are dead. They do not know the Father. They are not alive with the life of the Trinity. They do not contain or confer, in and of themselves, the communion of the Father, Son and Spirit. They may be accurate, but without Jesus Christ they have no power, no life, no communion with God to give to us. But in the presence and activity of Jesus Christ, the scriptures serve his self-communication to us, and they serve our perception of the Lord who is encountering us.”

– C. Baxter Kruger quote taken from this essay.

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