Review: Who is a True Christian? by David W. Congdon

Book: Who is a True Christian?: Contesting Religious Identity in American Culture by David W. Congdon Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2024. Overview: Congdon wrestles with a vital question: What is the permanent essence of Christianity? First, he surveys the liberal quest, which […]

Review: Beyond Justification by Douglas A. Campbell and Jon DePue

Book: Beyond Justification: Liberating Paul’s Gospel by Douglas A. Campbell and Jon DePue Publisher: Cascade Books, 2024. Overview: This book challenges what the authors call “justification theory,” and it offers a textual solution that liberates Paul’s gospel from that theory.  Justification theory is […]

Review: After Method by Hanna Reichel

Book: After Method: Queer Grace, Conceptual Design, and the Possibility of Theology by Hanna Reichel Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press, 2023 Overview: Hanna Reichel’s thought-provoking new book engages both systematic and constructive theology (represented by Karl Barth and Marcella Althaus-Reid) in an enlightening conversation […]

Review: The Early Karl Barth by Paul Silas Peterson

Book: The Early Karl Barth: Historical Contexts and Intellectual Formation, 1905-1935 by Paul Silas Peterson Publisher: Mohr Siebeck, 2018 Overview: Peterson’s book is noteworthy for its efforts to locate Karl Barth within a definite historical and political context, and it excels as a resource […]

Review: The Early Barth: Lectures and Shorter Works: Vol. 1, 1905-1909

Book: The Early Barth: Lectures and Shorter Works: Vol. 1, 1905-1909. Edited by Hans-Anton Drewes and Hinrich Stoevvesandt. Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press, 2022 Overview: This collection of early writings from Karl Barth’s student years offers a fascinating look into Barth’s development. As […]

REVIEW: Jesus’ Life in Dying by Friedrich Schleiermacher

Book: Jesus’ Life in Dying: Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Pre-Easter Reflections to the Community of the Redeemer by Friedrich Schleiermacher; translated by Iain G. Nicol and Allen G. Jorgenson Publisher: Cascade Books (an Imprint of Wipf & Stock), 2020. Overview: This new collection of sermons […]

REVIEW: Samuel Beckett’s ‘Philosophy Notes’

Book: Samuel Beckett’s ‘Philosophy Notes’ edited by Steven Matthews and Matthew Feldman Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2020. Overview: This volume contains Becket’s most extensive previously unpublished writings: his philosophy notes from the 1930s. The editorial work that went into the text is impressive, as […]

REVIEW: Church Conflicts by Ernst Käsemann

Ernst Käsemann

Book: Church Conflicts: The Cross, Apocalyptic, and Political Resistance by Ernst Käsemann Publisher: Baker Academic, 2021 Overview: Available for the first time in English, this collection of essays will be of great interest to both scholars and newcomers to Käsemann alike. As an exploration […]