Christ’s Wait for Godot (Preview)

This is an excerpt from the introduction to my new book, Christ’s Wait for Godot: A Theological Appreciation of Samuel Beckett. You can buy the book directly from my website or on Amazon. ———————— The only certainty in life is uncertainty; […]

On Unpublishing My Rapture Book

In 2015, I published a short book called 10 Reasons Why the Rapture Must Be Left Behind. It was essentially written as a marketing ploy, the idea being to take one of my most popular articles at the time and expand it […]

James Cone and Why He Matters

This week I released my new book, James Cone in Plain English. I am proud of it and hope the book makes an impact. But if I am honest, I am also quite nervous. Writing something for so long only to […]

Psalms 23: Robert Alter’s Brilliant Translation

Robert Alter, professor of Hebrew and comparative literature at the University of California, has finished his masterpiece, The Hebrew Bible. A complete, one-man translation of the Old Testament, twenty years in the making. I picked up the three volume set recently and […]

Read Schleiermacher, for Barth’s Sake!

I am very pleased to announce that, after a year of intensive study, I have finished my new book, Schleiermacher in Plain English. I am extremely proud of this book. It challenged me more than anything else I’ve written, and […]

Review: “Schleiermacher and Sustainability” (Ed. Shelli Poe)

Book: Schleiermacher and Sustainability: A Theology for Ecological Living Edited by Shelli M. Poe [AMAZON LINK] Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press, 2018. Columbia Theological Seminary: Columbia Series in Reformed Theology. [PUBLISHER’S LINK] Overview: This book is a well-organized and timely collection […]