Noise – Short Story #29

Green and yellow trees blurred and mixed together like a painter’s palette as she sat silent in the backseat of a taxicab, gazing out the window, thoughtless. She was leaving. Had to. No choice, no freedom. And no. It wasn’t […]

The Beggar – Short Story #28

The old beggar sat in the filth and cold of a bitter street, the street he called home. The wind blew fiercely and the sky grew dim. Evening was upon the earth. The beggar shivered slightly in the cold, pulling his coats […]

Short Story #27 – Room

Today I turned fifty-seven, or maybe it was yesterday, and still perhaps it wasn’t yet fifty-seven that I became at all. Who keeps records but god. Not I, not I. I, who might’ve grown a year or two or ten years […]

Short Story #26 – Pi Mi Ji

His seat, which he did not own, was situated in his park, which did not belong to him, for his enjoyment, though not without the enjoyment of others (for it was an open relationship). The seat supported him, it never left his […]

Short Story #25 – (rearrived)

low! goodfornobody, softly lay (in must be) suffering all, hark! fafafafafather—runhow? (it might be) thell me now thiss night rivishy divil x. y. to flore to pftjschute of cropse tartarus please you cannot (go) whilst ageend is to mind the […]

Mrs Ruth Jones – Short Story #24

Faint, miniscule Mrs Ruth Jones proceeded from their red bricked abode gracefully through the mild morning air with the slight hesitancy of a young feline having just awoken from a slumber. Arriving upon the city street with ease, she met the customary intonations of such a perfectly […]

Desolate – Short Story #22

Tom Greyfield wasn’t completely sure he had shut off the oven this morning before leaving for work, and this nagging suspicion weighed heavily upon his thoughts while he sat at his desk. His office was well maintained, pristinely clean, with important […]

The Desk – Short Story #21

The desk was brown and lightly enlightened from a light which hung above it, with its wire exposed above and no lampshade to dim its brilliance. The room was musty and smelled accordingly. On the desk there were many items including a […]