Illegal – Short Story #11

I the perception for stoic philosophy to which came the second measure of the symphony of time without space of space nor time nor the stuff that makes up the in between. But it matters little what this hybrid determined […]

The Blue Expanse – Short Story #10

The boat jettisoned the port with fury, heading west. But Sir. William Mansfield was far more lethargic than the festivities encompassing him. He was in no hurry, by any means of the word, for this departing, colored so brightly with wild fanfare. […]

Lilith and the Nixie – Short Story #9

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust She had gone this way before, walking through these woods as she often did. Though she must have gotten turned around somewhere, because all […]

Path to Lethe – Short Story #8

With exception to the moon, it was dark. Walking among the giants they in silence wept. Where they were going no one knew. But there we’re going. That counts for something. Doesn’t it? I don’t know. They didn’t know, either. They […]

And He Laughed – Short Story #7

It’s not like they weren’t aware of the situation. But perhaps they didn’t care, or cared too much to give it any notice. He had read one time of a particle so shy and so fragile that when a scientist tried to study it it […]

It Was – Short Story #6

He sat on the bench. It was a day of fairness. It was a day of foulness. He sat on the bench. Watching, alone, as the individuals strolled by. Strolling, they ignored him entirely. Entirely ignoring him, they were interesting […]

On the Train – Short Story #5

They were on the train for what seemed like years. Frank, Kim, and Winston were going somewhere on the train from where they came from. It was dark outside. A little cold. And altogether they were in a positive mood. […]

Snowy Eve Pt. 2 – Short Story #3

Ham in hand Todd labored into the deserted streets of Baltimore, passing closed shops and empty parking lots along the way. He struggled to keep hold of both the ham and his jacket, the wind slicing through him fiercely and […]

Snowy Eve – Short Story #2

The snow was falling sideways. Her vision went white. Her eyes stung with every invading flake. It was a battle to trek across those slippery, unkept pavements. But she labored on into the mist. Her feet slipped time and time again […]