Are You From Satan’s Church?

Are you from Satan’s church? It seems like a silly question, but according to a well known American pastor, if you support gay marriage, you are. In fact, you “belong to satan” he says. This, my friends, is nonsense. Christianity has […]

Is America REALLY Free?

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – Jesus in John 8:32 “When your city is built upon violence, freedom is just another word for killing your brother. But when your city is built […]

#YesAllWomen: Love, and the Destruction of Hierarchies

I’ve been thinking today a lot about the trending hashtag #YesAllWomen. If you’re unfamiliar with what’s happening, The New Yorker journalist Sasha Weiss does a great job summing it all up here. Essentially, what’s taking place is that women (and men) from all […]

Blood Moon Madness (End Times Info-Graphic)

Let me tell you an interesting fact: End times prophetic words have a success rate of exactly 0% and a failure rate of exactly 100%.  If that’s confusing data for you, let me help you with this info-graphic. (I’ve spent hours of […]

Go See Noah! Or Not. Whatever…

“Heresy! Blasphemy! Why doesn’t Hollywood have perfect theology?!” I can’t help but laugh at all the outrage amongst many Christian camps towards the new Noah movie. Whether it’s blasphemy, an attack on the bible, or an insult to Christians—the new Noah […]

Let’s Boycott World Vision?

To be protestant is to protest. It is, I believe, the fatal flaw of protestantism. We fight. We argue. We separate, split, divide, and we make fools of ourselves in the process. It’s one of the most tragic things I’ve […]