Thomas F. Torrance on the Bible (11 Quotes)

A few weeks ago I finished reading Thomas Torrance’s book Reality and Evangelical Theology. In this book, renowned theologian Thomas Torrance deals with an important issue, especially in today’s church: the bible. How should we interpret the Scriptures? Is the bible inerrant (perfect)? […]

8 Incredible Karl Barth Quotes

My attempt today is to summarize 800 pages of Karl Barth’s monumental work of theology on the election and command of God, which comes from book two of the volume entitled “The Doctrine of God” from the Church Dogmatics—all in eight […]

Yes! To Life (Jürgen Moltmann)

“One evening I read the following passage in Augustine’s Confessions: But what do I love when I love you? Not the beauty of any body or the rhythm of time in its movement; not the radiance of light, so dear to […]

Evangelical Theology: 28 Karl Barth Quotes

Today I finished reading Karl Barth’s Evangelical Theology: An Introduction. There are several statements that were made in this book that I found worth repeating here. The following are all taken from this book, and include the page numbers at the end. Enjoy! […]

Atheism is Religion – Karl Barth Quote

Imagine a man who has attained the ultimate goal of atheism. He is free from God and free from his law. He is free from all religious works and all religious working. And he is happy in that formless vacuum, alone […]

Trinitarian Theology and Paradox – John Crowder

Many theologies engage in analytical debate against one another with the aim of “winning” when scriptures seem to present contradictions. Trinitarianism is more mystical – perhaps postmodern in that sense. Rather than debate, it lives in the dialectical tension of mystery. […]

7 Stunning Quotes From Saint Hilary of Poitiers

I’ve been reading St. Hilary of Poitiers book On the Trinity this week (buy it here). St. Hilary has been called “the Athanasius of the west.” He beautifully presents a case for the Trinity, the divinity of the Son, and the incarnation. Here […]

Legal Gospel – C. Baxter Kruger

The gospel typically preached by modern evangelicals begins with the statement that God is holy (holy in the legal sense). The human race has fallen into sin and is guilty before God. Since God is holy, He cannot allow sin […]