Thomas F. Torrance on the Bible (11 Quotes)

A few weeks ago I finished reading Thomas Torrance’s book Reality and Evangelical Theology. In this book, renowned theologian Thomas Torrance deals with an important issue, especially in today’s church: the bible. How should we interpret the Scriptures? Is the bible inerrant (perfect)? […]

8 Incredible Karl Barth Quotes

My attempt today is to summarize 800 pages of Karl Barth’s monumental work of theology on the election and command of God, which comes from book two of the volume entitled “The Doctrine of God” from the Church Dogmatics—all in eight […]

Faith and Doubt (Friends or Foes?)

Can faith doubt, and doubt have faith? Are faith and doubt mutually exclusive? According to the way many Christians understand faith, the answer is no. For most today, faith is opposed to doubt and doubt is opposed to faith. But is this really so? […]

7 Theories of the Atonement Summarized

The nature of the Atonement has been a study for me over the last few years. After having my world turned upside by Dr. C. Baxter Kruger in his book, Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, I have not been able to […]

Election and Reprobation

A few weeks ago I finished reading Karl Barth’s Göttingen Dogmatics, an earlier attempt at dogmatics which precedes the Church Dogmatics. In this volume I came away with many great insights, but one in particular has stuck with me in my […]

The #CalvinismDebate: My Thoughts

Hello friends! I’m glad to be back from a month long blogging sabbatical. Today I’m interested in sharing a few of my thoughts on the Calvinism Debate (hosted by Zondervan) which took place on Wednesday night. This debate was filled […]

Boasting in Orthodoxy

“He who boasts of his orthodoxy sins against justification by Christ alone, for he justifies himself by appeal to the truth of his own beliefs.” – Thomas F. Torrance The term “orthodoxy” gets used and misused a lot in Christianity […]

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Bible

Every Christian reads the bible, but not every Christian reads it well. The bible can be a complex book at times. Few take the time or give the bible the attention it deserves. Here then are ten tips to help you navigate what is, […]

My Shadow Days Are Over: Rethinking Total Depravity

Are people good? Or are people bad?  It seems like a simple question until you get into it. Christian Theology often talks about “original sin” and “total depravity” in regards to what took place after the fall of Adam in Eden. We say […]

Is Sanctification a Process or a Person?

Sanctification is a subject of much debate within Christian circles. Recently, it has been in the news (Christian news, that is) due to the exit of Billy Graham’s grandson Tullian Tchividjian from the popular blogging website The Gospel Coalition. The […]