Christianity is Biblical, but Biblicalism is Not Christianity

Christianity is Biblical, Biblicalism is not Christianity

What is Biblicalism? Simply, I would say that Biblicalism is what happens when you value the bible over the Person of Christ.

In other words, Biblicalism is in some ways Christian, yet in other ways fiercely anti-Christian. It is similar to literalism, or fundamentalism, and most of the time, one and the same with each.

The best way to spot Biblicalism is by it’s legacy. The poster above outlines the outworking of Biblicalism in our culture.

Biblicalism is at the root of the Westboro Baptist Church. They use the bible to back up just about everything they do. They just miss the whole person of Jesus Christ, and His message of love, grace, and mercy. But, they have bible verses to justify their hatred!

Biblicalism is when this Harlem pastor writes his church sign to declare: “Jesus would stone homos.” Notice all the bible verses? Pure Biblicalism: valuing the bible, and your interpretation of the bible, over the person of Jesus, and the whole scope of the scriptures (which should always point to Jesus).

Biblicalism copyA probably more common way that Biblicalism effects the church is in the last photo. We have taken the freedom of Christ and added conditions to it. We have said, “well, Paul said women can’t speak! So..” But we have ignored 1) the cultural context behind Paul’s statement, and 2) the fact that Jesus constantly liberated and empowered women. (e.g. Who were the first to see Jesus after He rose from the dead?)

We have failed to take Jesus seriously.

He is the center of our theology, not an addition to our theology. Whenever we value a book over the person of Christ, we fall into error.

The bible does not take precedence over Christ, the bible gives witness to Christ. In and of itself, apart from Christ, the bible is not true at all. It’s barely even good philosophy in and of itself, but as soon as you add relationship, and the self-revelation of Jesus, then you have a formula for truth. The bible + Jesus = true. The bible divorced from Jesus is not true.

We are the disciples of Jesus, not the disciples of a book. We follow Him, not the strict legalistic formulas we can deduce from a 2,000 year old book.

We cannot think through our theology behind the back of Jesus, the eternal Word of the Father.

Would you agree? Have you seen the effects of Biblicalism? Leave me a comment below!

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