The Election of Christ – T.F. Torrance

thomastorranceGod and man meet in Jesus Christ and a new covenant is eternally established and fulfilled.

In Himself, as God and man in union, Jesus Christ is the actualization of the eternal purpose of God to give Himself to humanity in pure love and grace. Here in Jesus Christ, divine election has moved into time, and have all through the life of Jesus there takes effect, in actual history, God’s election of man to be God’s man. He comes to be God for man in order to remake man for God. God has eternally willed Himself for fellowship with mankind, and willed mankind for fellowship with Himself. Jesus Christ is the reality of that will, for in Him God turns towards men and women and wills to be one with them, and in Him they are turned wholly towards God to be one with God. These are not two independent movements but one movement of redeeming love in which God gives Himself unreservedly to man and in which He gathers up humanity into the life of God in Jesus Christ. Here where God has given Himself to be man’s God once and for all, nothing can undo that decision. But here too God gives man to Himself once and for all, and nothing can undo that decision. It is an eternal election of love, an everlasting covenant.


Taken from Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ by T.F. Torrance pages 106 and 109 respectively.

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