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The God Who Solves Pain

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“..a refreshing read.”
“..challenges the status quo..”

As someone who has started a journey in faith but has always been very wary about religion and the church this is an amazing read. It is written with such positive energy and Stephen is not afraid to put out new ideas particularly for a younger generation that may have been put off the path by old conceptions of the church and faith. He tackles some interesting topics and is not afraid to say that he does not know all the answers. I would recommend this as a read to anyone on the fence with their trust and belief in Jesus – it may be just what you need to push you over. I also found his web site (just Bing / Google for the author to find it) which has some great articles. Nice to see people like Stephen shaking up things a little and trying to drive back some of the negative stereotypes of faith and the church in particular. While it does not answer the reasons behind the major difference of the God of the Old and New testaments (and he admits this) it makes it clearer that Jesus is the way we should look at God. God loves us and does not cause pain!

– Stephen W (on

In an age of mass marketed spirituality, one familiar question keeps being asked; “How can a loving God exist if there is so much pain in the world today?” The God Who Solves Pain is an excellent read that challenges the status quo of traditional “Christian” religiosity! The book will take you on a journey describing how our perception of God directly relates to our relationship with him. Stephen isn’t afraid to address the tough questions, and as you read, what you find might just surprise you. The book will bring you face to face about the reality of God through the eyes of Jesus. My prayer for whoever reads this book is that God’s irresistible, radical, no-strings-attached-type-of-love will sweep you off your feet!

– Joseph Pierre (on

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