How to Read Jürgen Moltmann

Here I discuss how to read Jürgen Moltmann. Overall, he is quite readable on his own, but I suggest which books to begin with, as well as some of the secondary literature available.

Books by Moltmann:

The Way of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ for Today’s World

The Crucified God

Theology of Hope

The Church in The Power of the Spirit

The Trinity and the Kingdom

History and the Triune God

The Coming of God

In the End—The Beginning

The Spirit of Life

The Living God and the Fullness of Life

The Spirit of Hope

(Not mentioned in the video):

A Broad Place: An Autobiography *** This work is especially important, and it is an unfortunate oversight that I forgot to mention it in the video. Highly recommended!***

God in Creation

Experiences in Theology

Books on Moltmann:

Richard Bauckham: Moltmann: Messianic Theology in the Making

Richard Bauckham: The Theology of Jürgen Moltmann

Joy Ann McDougall: Pilgrimage of Love

(Not mentioned in the video):

God Will Be All in All

Geiko Muller-Fahrenholz: The Kingdom and the Power

My book on Moltmann:

Jürgen Moltmann in Plain English

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