How to Read Schleiermacher

Here I discuss how to read Friedrich D. E. Schleiermacher, including my suggestions for reading his great dogmatics, “Christian Faith.” I also discuss the secondary literature on him.

Books by Schleiermacher:
Christian Faith
On the Glaubenslehre
Servant of the Word
Christmas Eve Celebration
An Essay on the Trinity
On Religion
A Brief Outline of Theology as a Field of Study

(Not mentioned in the video):
On the Doctrine of Election
The Life of Jesus
Selections from Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Christian Ethics
A Critical Essay on the Gospel of Luke

Books on Schleiermacher:
Martin Redeker: Schleiermacher
B. A. Gerrish: A Prince of the Church
C. W. Christian: Friedrich Schleiermacher
Barth and Schleiermacher: Beyond the Impasse
Terrence Tice: Schleiermacher
Robert Williams: Schleiermacher the Theologian

(Not mentioned in the video):
Daniel Pedersen: The Eternal Covenant
Shelli Poe: Essential Trinitarianism
Matthias Gockel: Barth and Schleiermacher on the Doctrine of Election

My book on Schleiermacher:
Schleiermacher in Plain English

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