Hyper Legalism > Hyper Grace? No.

Hyper grace 2The so called “Hyper-Grace” message has been hailed as “the greatest deception of the 21st century.” Many prominent leaders have spoken out by writing books, and giving messages exposing this “great danger”. But is Hyper Grace really such a big deal?

Hyper Grace may fall into error sometimes, but is it really fair to say that this is the greatest deception of our century?

No way!

In my mind, Hyper Legalism is a much greater deception. It is by far a more dangerous issue with more serious ramifications. Why isn’t Hyper Legalism being attacked with the same passion and forcefulness that Hyper Grace is?

Legalism emphasizes sin, morality, rule-keeping, self-denial, and self-righteousness. Legalism will burn you out, beat you up, and wear you down.

Hyper-Grace may be an error, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. It may be off in some places, but isn’t legalism more dangerous? When I look at the church I don’t see a place that needs more rules, stricter requirements, or higher standards. I see a place that needs more grace. 

And it’s not just the church that needs more grace, the whole world needs grace. We all need an encounter with outrageous grace.

We need the kind of grace that throws wild parties for rebellious sons, lets debtors off the hook willy-nilly, and gives a full days wage to the drunk who shows up just before quitting time.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous to label Hyper-Grace the “greatest deception of the 21st century”. We need grace now more than ever before. In a world of performance, pressure, and perfectionism we need a grace that can give us rest, peace, and freedom.

LegalismSure, grace may get abused from time to time, but that is no reason to neglect it. And it is certainly no reason to add conditions to a grace that is always and forever unconditional.

Grace is unconditional, and it is forever sovereign. Grace is extreme, outrageous, and wasteful. It has no conditions, no qualifications, and no strings attached.

Can you have too much grace? No. But you can definitely have too much legalism!

Grace and Sin

As far as I can tell, the main arguments against Hyper-grace tend to be the neglect of repentance, confession, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Essentially, that Hyper-Grace does not preach sin enough.

But grace does not neglect sin, grace destroys sin. Grace offers the only true freedom from sin. Religion, legalism, and morality can not do anything but make you feel guilty, depressed, and worthless. The only escape is the free-for-nothing grace that Christ gives to us.

I don’t think sin should be even a blip on the Christians radar. If Christ has dealt with sin once and for all, then why do we make such a big deal about it?

Growing up in church I know first hand how rampant sin focused preaching is. It’s as if grace is a drug on the black market!

My Christian life growing up primarily revolved around not sinning. It was not about the cross, nor was it about the love of God. My life revolved around trying to be a good person, trying to please God, and trying to follow His rules.

The problem with the church is not that we don’t preach sin enough. The problem is that we preach sin way too much!

I vividly remember the freedom and joy I experienced the first time I read a “Hyper-Grace” book. I can say with certainty that my life has never been the same since.

No longer am I sin focused; I am stuck on Christ and Him crucified.

Mario FreedomI have found freedom from Hyper-Legalism through Hyper-Grace. I may not have an argument for the validity of the grace movement, but I do have a life that was changed: my own.

In my mind, arguing this issue is pointless. We could throw bible verses at one another or we could love one another. Sometimes you can do both, but in my experience you usually can’t love those you’re standing against.

If we are to error, let us error on the side of grace. 

Our world is drowning in legalism, and it’s only hope is outrageous grace.

More grace, Lord!

What do you think about the “Hyper Grace controversy”? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. I agree! Our men’s group is about to introduce this topic and I believe I may be in the minority standing on the side of grace.

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