Karl Barth on Evangelical Theology (Audio)

I found this clip today. I listened to it a few times, finally “got” what Barth is saying, and found it very helpful, beautiful and profoundly true. It’s an audio clip running around 15 minutes long, taken from a lecture given in 1962 in Chicago by Karl Barth on Evangelical Theology. There are many deep thoughts to ponder here, enjoy!


“Theology must have the character of a living procession. […] Comparable to a bird in flight, in contrast to a bird in cage.”

“The God of the Gospel is no absolute God in the original sense of being detached from everything that is not Himself. To be sure He has no equal beside Him, since an equal would no doubt limit, influence, and determine Him. On the other hand, He is not a prisoner of His majesty.”

“He is free to be the God of man. He exists neither next to man or merely above Him, but rather with him, by him, and most important of all, for him. He is man’s God. Not only as Lord, but also as Father, Brother, and Friend.”

“His inevitable no is inclosed in His primary yes to man.”

“Evangelical theology is concerned with Immanuel: God with us. Having this God for its object, it can be nothing else but the most thankful and happy science.”

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