Laughing Repentance – Stephen D Morrison

PictureHere’s a favorite quote of mine from my first book. Enjoy! (Page 114)

“The heart of God burns passionately for this one thing: relationship with humanity. He wants us to give up all our foreign notions of an angry God, and leave them out for garbage. Notions of an angry, punishing God are nothing short of rubbish. Throw them away, and never think about God like that ever again.

God is not behind our pain. He has no ulterior motive beyond the love that He desperately longs to give to us. God is extremely good. He is not out to get you, punish you, or cause you pain. God is the God who solves pain.

So forget all those silly ideas about a God who causes pain. Forget any notion that makes God look like anything but Jesus. Forget them, and be free.

Be free to embrace God as He truly is. Embrace the freedom of being His beloved child. Repent and see that God really is far better than you have ever dreamed He could be. You will jump joyously, and shout extravagantly in the exhilaration of unconditional love. You will dance in the fields of trust, and sing the endless songs of His pleasure.

Repentance is a joy. Repentance does not find us at the altar in a puddle of tears before an angry God. Repentance finds us at the altar hilariously happy in the ecstatic revelation of who God is.

When we see God aright- when we repent- we will find ourselves sweetly filled up with unspeakable Joy. And for that, we will laugh. We laugh like mad men who have just struck an endless supply of gold. We laugh wildly, and freely because we have discovered that God is far, far better than we’ve ever dreamed He could be. He is better, and we are continually repenting to see it. Repentance is far from a sorrowful act. True repentance sees God for who He is, and can’t help but to dance exuberantly in the sheer pleasure of it all. Repentance sounds like laughter, and fun. We have embraced our Father, we have glimpsed His goodness, and we have become undone with gladness.”

Taken from my first book, The God Who Solves Pain. Available now in paperback and for Kindle!

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