Ulysses: Joyce’s Yes! to Life (A Commendation and Guide) (Literary Criticism, 2017)

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James Joyce’s Ulysses is one of my favorite novels, but it is often called one of the most difficult to read. Many have attempted to read it and find themselves unable to finish the book. In this short guide, I hope to clear up some of the difficulties by explaining each episode and exploring its various themes and motifs. Ulysses is a delightful book when you understand it as Joyce’s affirmation of everyday life. In this context, I hope to celebrate Joyce’s masterpiece and encourage readers to take up the challenge of reading it. (Published on Bloomsday, 2017)

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No. 1 (Novel, 2016)

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Paperback – 11.01

I wrote this experimental novel for my own enjoyment, creatively fusing together many of my artistic passions, from the literature of Samuel Beckett and James Joyce, the music of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, and the painting of John Cage and Jackson Pollock. The results were this strange but fascinating novel about the madness of a man called Mr. Murphy and his opponent in chess, Mr. Dike. You can read more about my process in writing the book here. I have also written a brief guide to understand the book, which you can access here.

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