No. 1


Front Cover MinmalI’ve kept it mostly a secret, only telling a few friends and my wife, but I have been writing a novel. And the reason I have been keeping it a secret is that the novel is very, very strange. Some of you that know me best will know that I have always been interested in creative and unique expressions. That’s why I love abstract art (Pollock and Rothko being my favorites), that’s why I enjoy listening to minimalist music (Philip Glass and Steve Reich),  and that’s why I enjoy reading modernist fiction (James Joyce and Samuel Beckett). These things are strange for some people, but they excite me. And so I started writing this book a few months ago without having any plans of ever actually publishing it. But I constantly found myself going back to it, editing it, and most of all, having a lot of fun with it. It became a bit of an obsession. I spend, what felt like minutes, which were really hours, crafting a book full of creativity, innovative story telling, and literary allusion. And actually quite a lot of comedy, too.

So today it is with joy, and a bit of nervous excitement, that I am writing to tell you that this book has been published and is now available on Amazon. It was written to be read as a paperback book, but I have plans to produce an abridged eBook soon.

I’m writing this long preface to announcing the book because, as I said, it is not something you’ve probably ever seen before. It’s certainly miles away from anything I’ve ever written. But that’s exciting to me. If you’re open-minded about what a fiction story “should” be, I know you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Kind regards,

Stephen D. Morrison

About No. 1 (and screenshots)

Here’s the Amazon description:

“An experimental work of fiction the likes of which you have never seen before.”

“Innovative and fascinating… An experience.”


It’s simple. The cheese on the cracker of the man named Mr. Murphy is lost (much to the horror of the cheese and the cracker alike). And it is not simple. Overflowing with clues and symbolism and literary allusions, another story is told. A complex, universal story. A playful story. A horrible story. The story of mankind and of our infinite spiral into insanity and eventual nonbeing. Strange? Certainly. Experimental? Quite. Silly? Mostly. Avant Garde? My aunt did what?

Notes the author: The author requests for your own enjoyments sake to read this work as it was meant to be read: in a real book. Though a fake so-called “digital” book has been produced, it is incomplete (abridged) and unrecommended. But do as you please, I’m not your mother. Influences include, but are not limited to: Modern Literature (James Joyce, and Samuel Beckett), Minimal Music (Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and John Cage), Sound Poetry (John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, and Ilmar Laaban), and Abstract Expressionism (Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko). But you knew that already, didn’t you? Show off.

In conclusion, please enjoy this tastefully random selection of words, numbers, and punctuation marks:

bye Pat no blank i yes no > REDACTED QB8+! nowhere perhips Murphy time in eighteen seven bern tuesday . Rit. exist . 1 no ? # Pff no No. nothing brie Out Dike Stephen out was mourning no blank in . . QB8+! Dike mourning out ? Pat seven # brie bern no Stephen bye nowhere REDACTED exist perhips yes i Murphy eighteen > 1 no Out no tuesday was nothing time Pff Rit. No. time perhips bye was i time brie seven Rit. tuesday mourning tuesday no . no Dike eighteen exist QB8+! Stephen yes Out Pff eighteen 1 nothing no bern Rit. nothing Murphy exist blank no ? was nowhere in Pat ? . Murphy 1 perhips Pff > bern no No. blank no # nowhere in no mourning QB8+! . brie > No. bye REDACTED Pat Out i . out seven REDACTED yes out Stephen no Dike #


BUY “No. 1” ON AMAZON – $15.01 paperback

More screenshots:


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