Not Any More – Short Story # 17

(Introductory note: here is an experiment with three sentences, repeated and scrambled, to form an abstract word-picture of pure subjective presentation. The final coherent phrase at the end of each paragraph is the original sentence pre-scrambled.  Inspiration: How It Is, Beckett.)


Vassily Kandinsky, 1913. Composition 7
Vassily Kandinsky, 1913. Composition 7

almost one he day day nothing there the he there to nothing day there and there said nothing almost he said said nothing he the went he she there said nothing said there said was loved to to and said loved there said was nothing he she he she but he he nothing he he the said the he loved he almost she store there happened almost that the the one nothing was to happened said one store and day the day that he there when said nothing nothing there and one and went almost when and he he went there but he he that nothing that and nothing to that went said he when nothing when loved happened happened that the was the said but said store was but and and loved and went nothing that when but that there that there she there that there one happened store the said he nothing store he went there to the store that day when the one he almost said that he loved was there but he said nothing and she said nothing and nothing happened there

more together him sun brightly sun him untruth no that I she together dislike more dislike said restrained said said together on he on dislike said from on the almost shining time him together said but dislike she was more said on said our was restrained on on more brightly but from time no more day shining shining but the shining I such more from more no almost from she was to him shining no untruth no on to himself almost that such he sun no but he time he day him that more said sun the time said from himself brightly more no the said shining that day our was restrained restrained himself on himself sun that such almost untruth untruth the said was that I that untruth the I brightly on sun she that more no no dislike time no our brightly such no I no to restrained to restrained himself such our more sun that together untruth was time he more that she dislike to but that on almost she said no time she on restrained our that himself day on the more he no said together on that together almost to day himself day dislike from he from but untruth shining him brightly was almost more but our day brightly such that I such said on to our him I I dislike our time together she said to him on was that that on the day sun shining he almost said brightly but restrained himself from such untruth no more no more

more any but mattered but more not more not it but it any it more any it not but mattered not mattered not but more not it it but any mattered any more mattered any mattered but it mattered not any more

ubt it dmeertta ton yan meor utb ti aetmerdt otn yna remo 

ont nya emor 

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