Offensive Jesus – Stephen D Morrison

PictureHere’s a great quote right out of my new book, The God Who Solves Pain. Enjoy!

The unceasing resolve of Jesus to love the unlovable, befriend the outcast, and give grace to the undeserving is precisely what drove the pharisees mad. They hated Jesus, and resolved to remove the memory of His life forever. Ironic enough, it was this very drive of religion that eventually lead to the ultimate triumph of God. His death is the greatest victory of God over all the power of religion. 

The incarnation was an offensive display, because God is sometimes an offensive God. He loves sometimes to offend our minds so that He can reach our hearts. He loves to mess up our understanding of what He’s like. He is not like we thought. He is far, far better than anything we could ever imagine. 

God will never contradict His word, but He is happy to contradict our understanding of His word. Be a student, and learn who God is. Not as you see Him, or as you’ve been taught to see Him. Pursue to know the God you find in Jesus. You’ll find He’s the most astonishingly good God you’ve ever dreamed about.

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