On the Train – Short Story #5

They were on the train for what seemed like years. Frank, Kim, and Winston were going somewhere on the train from where they came from. It was dark outside. A little cold. And altogether they were in a positive mood. Although, except for Frank, who had just had his meal privileges revoked.

“Nothing to be done.” Kim says.

“Yes, I’m beginning to come around to that opinion myself. We’ve been sitting here for how long now? Who knows. I surely don’t. And with nothing to be done. Nothing. It’s mad and it’s pleasant. Madly pleasant.” Winston informs her.

“Yes, indeed.” Kim says. Kim pauses. Silence.

“Where did Frank go?”




“Where did he go?”

“To complain.”



“About what?”

“Oh you know. The same old.”

“Oh yes. I know.”



Frank returns looking exhausted, red in the face. Sits down across from Kim and Winston. Looks thoughtfully out the window for a moment. Stands. Goes from the cabin. Returns a minute later with a newspaper in hand. Sits. Looks thoughtfully out the window for a moment. Reads. Stops reading. Reads.

“Hullo Frank.” Kim says.

Startled, and annoyed, Frank replies. “Yes, yes.”

“Well aren’t you going to say hello back? We missed you.”

“We did?” Winston says.

“Yes, I’ve decided for you.”

“Very well.”

“That’s nice of you.” Frank says. (Though no one believes him.)




“Nothing to be done.” Frank says.

“Yes, we just went over this.” Kim says.

“You did?”

“Yes. You weren’t here.”

“Oh, well what then?”

“We agree.”

“Who agrees?”

“Winston and I.”

“Agrees about what?”

“There’s nothing to be done.”

“Ah yes, I’m beginning to come around to that opinion myself.”

“We know.”

“You know?”


“I said that exact sentence a moment ago.” Winston informs him.

“How long ago?” Kim asks.

“You were there.”

“Was I?”


“I don’t believe you.”




The three of them sit in silence. The train conductor begins to make an announcement. They cannot hear him. The train stops. They’ve arrived.

“We’re here.” Winston informs them.

“Where?” Kim asks.

“I don’t know.”

“‘Here’ he says.” Frank says.

“Oh, yes. I love this place.”

“Me too.”

“Well, should we get off?” Winston asks.

“Yes.” Frank says.


“Yes, let’s go.” Kim says.

(They do not move.)

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