Our “Silent Storm”, His Happy Calm

songOn Saturday night my wife and I watched the annual Eurovision Song Contest, cheering on our favorite song from the Netherlands (which ended up in 2nd place). For my American friends, Eurovision is a contest where each European country presents a song to compete against other nations. It’s a lot of fun, and focuses on the unity of Europe.

This year I was able to watch while actually living in Europe, which added an interesting aspect to everything. It made it quite enjoyable. During the show one song in particular, a song from Norway, caught my attention with it’s lyrics.

Watch here:


“And there’s a silent storm inside me

Looking for a home

I hope that someone’s gonna find me

And say that I belong

I‘ll wait forever and a lifetime

To find I’m not alone

There’s a silent storm inside me

Someday I’ll be calm”

This song is powerful and filled with strong emotions. It’s about finding “home”, belonging, and being at peace.

It’s a beautiful portrait of what it’s like to be a human being. We, in many ways, live out our own “silent storms” of uncertainty, insecurity, and mortality everyday. We live in confusion, darkness, and brokenness.

In the Christian sense, it is into this silent storm that Christ came. If we take seriously the incarnation of Christ, we can see the stunning truth that God has came as man to live within our existence. To know, to feel, to understand our humanity deeply and fully. He came to live out our existence, in the thick of our darkness and fear, in order to bring us home.

Christ descends into our darkness in order to lift us up from out of it. Out of chaos into peace, out of rejection into acceptance, and out of fear into love. He takes our hurting and He brings it home into the very heart of God. He brings us home, to live within the Trinitarian life, where we belong.

Christ takes our silent storms of loneliness, and He shows us the we are never alone. He found us in our brokenness and He lifted us up to the place where we belong. He is the man who left it all behind just to find us, His lost sheep, in the far country. He finds us, lifting us up onto His shoulders, and carrying us back to where we belong.

We all know what it means to be a silent storm. All of us want to belong and to find our home. In the heart of God, in the innermost relationship between Father, Son, and Spirit, we are home, we are loved, and we are free to be fully alive.

We belong. We are not alone. We are home in the embrace of our Father. He comes and meets our “silent storm” with His happy calm.

This song is beautiful, and it wonderfully echoes the heart cry of Jesus to meet us all in our silent storms.

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