Oh The Wonder of Salvation! (A Poem)

I have been swept up into unparalleled beauty and wonder.

Astonishment, delight, and ecstasy- such is the language of the Gospel.

In Him, I am found.

In Him, I am whole.

In Him, I am accepted.

In Him, I am free, forgiven, loved, and intoxicated with life.

The world as we know it is bursting with Divine life.

The Trinity finds it’s expression in life- our life.

We are one with Christ. Beautifully, fully, and inexpressibly united to all that He is.

Hid in Him. United to Him. Sharing in His life.

What a glorious reality!

What drunken stupor such realities implore? What compares to this?

The very Trinity has made me Their home! The very Being of God- the fullness of deity- is my happy inheritance.

Oh the joy!

Oh the bliss!

Oh the wonder of salvation!

We are home. We are free.

No condemnation! No fear! No shame!

Life! Abundant life!

Glory, glory, glory! Hallelujah!

He has done it. We are reconciled. God is pleased. We are loved. Life is ours, and we are One!

The Great Dance has overcome us. We are included in the hilarity, beyond all liking and happening.

It is finished!

It is finished!

It is finished!

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