Point. – Short Story #12

without origin or purpose he was without a grasp of any semblance of personality or character but that is none of your concern now to our story this this man we shall call him if we must was without the capacity of speech yes this is right he was deaf and if i am not mistaking it was a great burden for him though he never could relay this information to whomever may be willing to listen either you or i or another but this isnt so say he had nothing to say say why dont you pass me that ketchup bottle as we continue thank you as i was saying i dont believe he was in a completely dire situation though it was certainly bleach i am not sure if this is the time to say but what is it oh yes yes thats what i mean you are quite right on this he was an important figure quite contrary to all of this you should know i am not without my faults either but he was certainly full of them and this is why he found himself one day in the hands of mr hendrick do you know him mr hendrick is a nuisance to be sure and soon you will see why okay so here we have our man without speech unable to say anything but having to say something who would speak for him its a good question your are correct i suppose someone came to help him through all his duties in the courts of your majesty now again returning to the matter at hand we mustnt worry ourselves with the details besides these presented our man nameless as he may be is at once without speech yet with much to say without ever saying any of it and his nemesis the sly devil he is mr hendrick saw in this an opportunity to seize our man and hold him hostage for this period of time so here he was on the floor of this basement without any sense of decency missing both shoes and all his clothes though he was not attached to them in the slightest what was it again that happened in his life that made him such a pessimist i could never tell you though i suppose i could guess for your sakes but i am impatient as it is and so i suggest we do nothing for the present moment this is why our man was found where he was in this basement without boots or clothes in utter disgrace though he never spoke of this fact but it is assumed its true the ketchup again my friend thank you one second okay pretty good right yes yes i agree now and again our man visited this establishment with me and thats what made him so spectacular he was quite the opinionated man for having not capacity for speech such a shame returning to our parable we mustnt delay in finishing this dreadful tale as i am sure you have much better things to be doing at the moment i on the other hand do not so i will continue your tickling your ear with spiders i was just about to mention another important fact about mr hendrick he was not only evil to the core but he was somethings quite generous in his kindness and for this reason though in retrospect it is not a good reason whatsoever but it matters not for this reason mr hendrick was favored by his neighbors above all else so and this is important when he entered into the house with our man he was not look upon with suspicion as he was utterly beyond reproach which aided greatly in his scheming now our man was a clever fellow and indeed he never went anywhere without his blade and mr hendrick as evil as he may be was no fool but in this instance he acted as such he did not even think to search our man perhaps he pitted him well never know anyways our man had in his pocket this blade and not just any old blade but the blade of his youth and this matters greatly to ones ability to to oh how do you say it to perform the necessary tasks a blade is useful for and so without any delay our man did just that he was quite proud of himself for it too unfortunately however our mr hendrick soon came out of his stupor and realized this mistake fortunately however for our man he was too late for this epiphany so to the joy of our friend our man we have called him thus far we are left with the imminent escape of this man which was a great joy right up until that nasty accident with the car such a shame and all this way i have been dragging you along and stealing your ketchup of which i am dearly sorry the ketchup i mean not this dreadful tale but i am glad you know the truth this is what happened that afternoon to this man who you inquired about my friend now what should we discuss next i heard there was a farmer in town who never gave up wow what a tale that would make let me see oh you must if you must goodbye then

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