All Riches Come From Injustice




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All Riches Come From Injustice examines the anti-mammon witness of the Early Church and its relevance for today. Stephen D. Morrison analyzes six critical insights from the Patristic writers: First, why they questioned the salvation of the rich; second, the commonality of the earth (and what it meant for common vs. private ownership); third, the injustice of hoarded riches; fourth, contentment and the sin of luxury; fifth, usury; and sixth, the tyranny of mammon. Morrison then argues that the witness of Scripture and the Early Church points toward anti-capitalism today.

This is a radical book—fitting for radical times. Our situation is marked by unprecedented inequality, where eight men hoard more than half of humanity’s wealth. This book calls the Church back to its radical critique of mammon, which the first Christians considered essential to the message of Jesus, not secondary. Our declaration must again be, “Jesus is Lord, not mammon!”


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