Karl Barth in Plain English


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“This is a book for beginners, by a beginner…” (from the author’s preface)

“Karl Barth in Plain English,” by Stephen D Morrison, is a clear and concise introduction to the theology of Karl Barth. Written from one amateur to another, Stephen hopes to introduce you to Barth’s complex thought without all the confusing theological jargon often involved in discussions of his work. By focusing on eight major ideas central to Barth’s thought, Stephen provides you with a profoundly helpful study of one of the greatest minds in modern theology.

This book is the product of years of reading and studying Barth as an amateur theologian, and presents an accessible guide to Barth with the hopes of making his theology more understandable to other “amateurs.” As Barth himself once said, “In the Church of Jesus Christ there can and should be no non-theologians.” It is in this spirit that Stephen humbly presents, “Karl Barth in Plain English.”

In this book Stephen covers a wide range of subjects in Barth’s thought, working from a careful reading of Barth’s “Church Dogmatics,” alongside his other popular books and sermons. Topics discussed include Barth’s rejection of natural theology, the doctrine of revelation and the Trinity, the threefold Word of God, Barth and Biblical inerrancy, the doctrine of election, Barth and universalism, creation and the covenant, reconciliation, the Church, and theological ethics.

“This book strives for simplicity without oversimplification, clarity without skimming over the details, and brevity without lacking in depth. I hope to present a fair and accessible look into Barth because I believe his work deserves a wider audience not just among the ‘professionals’ but among us ‘amateurs’ too.” (author’s preface)


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