When God Says “Shut Up”

“Therefore, now, there is not even one bit of condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus..” 

(Romans 8:1 Kenneth Wuest Translation)

Most of the time I have found that I am my biggest condemner.

I know that God doesn’t condemn me. I know He forgives me, accepts me, and loves me.

It’s just that sometimes I don’t.

I don’t always forgive me, accept me, or love me. I can be my own worst critic sometimes.

I beat myself up with condemning words. “You’re so stupid, why would you do that?”

At least I used to. Until God spoke to me, and changed my life.

“I don’t condemn you, and therefore you don’t have permission to either. You’re not allowed to condemn yourself, because I have the final say about you. I call you loved, and accepted. You are completely free from condemnation. Not just from my condemnation, but from yours.”

image-2The dictionary defines condemnation as “the expression of very strong disapproval”. Have you ever been disappointed with yourself? Frustrated that you are the way you are?

God’s word over you is the final word. It’s all that matters. He says “there is not even one bit of condemnation..”, and that settles it.

So just shut up already.

You are absolutely not allowed to condemn yourself.

Stop looking for what’s wrong with you, and start looking for what’s right with you.

Stop chasing down bad things about yourself. Give up the naval-gazing witch-hunt.

God isn’t searching for what’s wrong with you. So just stop it already. There is no condemnation. Period.

Stop trying to figure out what’s wrong with you, and just focus on what’s right with you.

You are made in the image of God. You are His beloved child. You look like Jesus.

When God says to shut up; shut up. Stop condemning yourself.

Accept that you are accepted. Accept that you are loved.

Shut up, and let yourself enjoy His bliss of freedom.

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