The Supernatural Will Never Satisfy! – Dave Vaughan

big-brother-dave-vaughanThe ‘Supernatural’ will never satisfy! I’ll say it again guys, ‘The supernatural will never satisfy!’ Every time we travel we have guys wanting us to reveal stories of great things we have seen. Sometimes out of relationship and to help we may share some stuff BUT it is always wrapped up in the glory of an effort free Gospel foundation and ONLY out of relationship! 

It’s the Gospel and the Gospel alone that satisfies! The reality of who we are soooooo transcends just seeing stuff manifest! The Gospel allows us to live such a full and free life that if we never ‘Saw’ a ‘Supernatural’ act it wouldn’t bother us in the slightest! We are satisfied with a drink of Truth which is the most supernatural and liberating reality there is! Man creation speaks continually of the supernatural, nature continually depicts His Glory, for me walking in the supernatural is nothing easier than walking the dogs with my wife to a local park and beholding the works of His hands!

Listen I believe we are about to see the greatest demonstrations of power planet earth will ever witness. I believe the supernatural is way more than an act it’s a Person who lives within us and that just being who we are is and will trigger supernatural activity. I’m in no way against the supernatural, how can I be against something that I am? Yet I do realise the evolution humanity is going through and I do consider the hearing of Truth and the relaying via the Gospel of the foundation of our lives as way more important and significant than floating a foot off the ground. History is scattered with stories of guys who ‘Saw’ so much yet whose lives failed to represent Him! Who witnessed power yet never were true witnesses of Him! Man that’s sad! Let’s evolve together in the Truth guys, let’s allow Him to encourage us how to effortlessly walk in who we are and together let’s see Eden manifest all around us!

(Taken from Dave’s email newsletter December 18, 2013)

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