A Barthian Critique of Paul Tillich’s Systematic Theology

Last week I posted some of Karl Barth’s comments on Paul Tillich’s Systematic Theology. [LINK] Today I finished reading the excellent book it came from: The Systematic Theology of Paul Tillich by Alexander J. McKelway. [LINK] This book is a dissertation presented to and written under […]

Karl Barth on Tillich’s Systematic Theology

Paul Tillich is a theologian of interest for me, despite my partiality to Karl Barth. Barth, Bultmann, and Tillich are often considered the three most influential names in 20th century theology (though I’d like to add TF Torrance to that list!), […]

God Corresponds to Himself (Jüngel and Barth)

If I ever succeed in writing a book that’s even half as theologically precise as Eberhard Jüngel’s God’s Being Is in Becoming, I will die a happy man. This book is an incredibly dense work of theology. With a precise eye for detail Jüngel […]

Karl Barth on Universalism

Karl Barth responds to the question of universalism directly, though briefly, in his short book The Humanity of God. His response to the question of universalism is brilliant, and perhaps one of the best pictures of how he understood universalism. It’s an […]

Karl Barth on the Humanity of God

Karl Barth’s The Humanity of God was one of his first books I read. I loved it, but in retrospect I probably understood very little of it. So today I decided to read it once again, and since it’s a rather short book I’ve […]

Karl Barth on Grace and our Response (with Help from Ansell)

A few days ago I wrote my review of Nicholas Ansell’s fantastic book on the universalism of Jürgen Moltmann, aptly entitled The Annihilation of Hell (LINK). I also wrote some reflections on how, as I learned from Ansell, Moltmann argued for a “certain” hope, […]

Karl Barth’s Translation of Ephesians 1

A few days ago I posted about reading Ross Wright’s PhD dissertation in which he translates Karl Barth’s lectures from 1921-1922 on Ephesians. I wrote there about Barth’s affirmation of both Ephesians and Colossians’ Pauline authorship. I’ve since finished reading these lectures, and wanted […]

Happy 130th Birthday, Karl Barth!

Karl Barth was born 130 years ago today. It’s no secret that I greatly admire the theologian, so today I wanted to celebrate him by sharing some of my favorite quotes. But first, I’ll say a bit about why I […]