Divine Interpretation by T.F. Torrance: a Review

Book: Divine Interpretation: Studies in Medieval and Modern Hermeneutics by Thomas F. Torrance (edited by Adam Nigh and Todd Speidell) (AMAZON LINK) Publisher: Pickwick Publications (an imprint of Wipf&Stock) (PUBLISHERS LINK) Overview: Released only this month, this collection of essays by Torrance is a […]

The Bible is Not a Guide Book

This week I took the time to read Peter Enns fantastic little book, The Bible Tells Me So. It has been a book on my reading list for some time, but it was recently discounted to $1.99, so I had to snatch […]

Thomas Torrance on Fundamentalism and the Bible

I purchased an old, ex-library copy of Thomas F. Torrance’s Reality and Evangelical Theology (1981 Payton Lectures) a few months ago, and I am finally getting around to reading it. I wasn’t sure from the title what exactly to expect from the book, […]

How Jesus Read the Bible

I think Jesus would read the bible differently than we do today. Although I am aware that the bible Jesus read was different from ours. Jesus read what was known as the Torah, and what we call today the Old Testament. But […]

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Bible

Every Christian reads the bible, but not every Christian reads it well. The bible can be a complex book at times. Few take the time or give the bible the attention it deserves. Here then are ten tips to help you navigate what is, […]

Is the Bible Perfect? (It Doesn’t Really Matter)

In 1978 the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy was published in reaction to biblical liberalism. It states that, “scripture is without error or fault in all its teaching…” Biblical inerrancy has caused much debate, and there are many opposing and supporting […]