3 Reason to Read Theology (and Where to Start)

Theology has a bad reputation amongst Christians. While it’s a respected field, it also can seem like an impenetrable field reserved only elite scholars. But Karl Barth once said that, “In the church of Jesus Christ there can and should be no non-theologians.”  We’re all […]

Why am I a Christian?

It’s an important question. Many assume since I grew up in the church, I’ve never really struggled with belief. But that’s false. They’ve also assumed that I never had an option in believing. That too is false. If I’m brutally […]

What if All Means ALL?

What if all really means ALL? What if we could actually see that all humanity is in the same boat? That there are no outsiders to Grace. That no one is excluded. That there is no inner-circle with God. What […]