Karl Barth on “God is Love”

As those of you who follow me on either Facebook or Twitter know, I am currently reading Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics volume II/1 and posting some of my favorite quotes along the way with the hashtag #Barth21. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along so far through this […]

Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Faith in CD IV.1

Continuing with the last few weeks, as I’ve been writing my way through parts of Karl Barth’s volume IV.1 of the Church Dogmatics, today I’ll be attempting to present Barth’s doctrine of faith. This comes towards the end of IV.1. […]

8 Brilliant Karl Barth Quotes on Atonement (CD IV.1 Summarized)

Karl Barth’s doctrine of reconciliation, found in volume IV.1 of his Church Dogmatics, is without a doubt one of the greatest theological works ever written on the subject. And it is personally my favorite volume from the Church Dogmatics. In this volume Barth beautifully […]

Not One – Good Friday Meditation

Happy Easter and a very blessed Good Friday to you! I hope you have the time today to sit and meditate on what Jesus Christ has done for the human race in His death, resurrection, and ascension. This gospel is truly […]

Karl Barth’s Revolutionary Doctrine of Sin

I’ve been recently going through volume IV.1 of Karl Barth’s magnificent Church Dogmatics, in which Barth outlines the doctrine of reconciliation. I’ve read parts of this volume before, specifically §57-59, and they remain some of my favorite texts from Barth. This volume is […]

Jesus Christ: The Future of Mankind

I’ve been re-reading one of the first things I ever read from Karl Barth, which remains to this day my favorite of all his writings. This is volume IV.1 from the Church Dogmatics. It’s amazing now after coming full circle, […]

5 Great Quotes from CD I/1 (Karl Barth)

Yesterday I finished reading Karl Barth’s first book (volume I/1) in his magnum opus The Church Dogmatics. And as before, today I want to present a “summary” of this work in the form of five quotes taken from it. Though a summary is nearly […]