Jürgen Moltmann on the Rapture and “Left Behind”

  Jürgen Moltmann discusses the problem of religious escapism, with a particular appeal against the rapture theory, in his book, Ethics of Hope: Here a religious escapism is coming to the fore especially in the present spread of a vague Gnostic […]

Fundamentalism as Fear (Tillich)

I’ve been reading recently Paul Tillich’s (in)famous book The Courage to Be. I have many suspicions about Tillich’s theology, and, from what little I’ve read of him, I inherently feel predisposed against his general method, as well as many of his conclusions. […]

Universalism: A “Certain” Hope (Jürgen Moltmann)

I’m currently reading Nicholas Ansell’s book on the universalism of Jürgen Moltmann, entitled The Annihilation of Hell: Universal Salvation and the Redemption of Time in the Eschatology of Jürgen Moltmann. (LINK) So far I am enjoying it tremendously, and I have no doubt that […]

Delighting in Humanity (Tertullian)

I love old things! Especially old books. If a book has made it through the test of time and into my hands today, it is unlikely to disappoint. Recently I’ve been reading a collection of writings from the early church fathers. […]

Blood Moon Madness (End Times Info-Graphic)

Let me tell you an interesting fact: End times prophetic words have a success rate of exactly 0% and a failure rate of exactly 100%.  If that’s confusing data for you, let me help you with this info-graphic. (I’ve spent hours of […]