Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Faith in CD IV.1

Continuing with the last few weeks, as I’ve been writing my way through parts of Karl Barth’s volume IV.1 of the Church Dogmatics, today I’ll be attempting to present Barth’s doctrine of faith. This comes towards the end of IV.1. […]

8 Brilliant Karl Barth Quotes on Atonement (CD IV.1 Summarized)

Karl Barth’s doctrine of reconciliation, found in volume IV.1 of his Church Dogmatics, is without a doubt one of the greatest theological works ever written on the subject. And it is personally my favorite volume from the Church Dogmatics. In this volume Barth beautifully […]

Why am I a Christian?

It’s an important question. Many assume since I grew up in the church, I’ve never really struggled with belief. But that’s false. They’ve also assumed that I never had an option in believing. That too is false. If I’m brutally […]

Faith and Doubt (Friends or Foes?)

Can faith doubt, and doubt have faith? Are faith and doubt mutually exclusive? According to the way many Christians understand faith, the answer is no. For most today, faith is opposed to doubt and doubt is opposed to faith. But is this really so? […]