Mrs Ruth Jones – Short Story #24

Faint, miniscule Mrs Ruth Jones proceeded from their red bricked abode gracefully through the mild morning air with the slight hesitancy of a young feline having just awoken from a slumber. Arriving upon the city street with ease, she met the customary intonations of such a perfectly […]

The Desk – Short Story #21

The desk was brown and lightly enlightened from a light which hung above it, with its wire exposed above and no lampshade to dim its brilliance. The room was musty and smelled accordingly. On the desk there were many items including a […]

Trip – Short Story # 15

  He hadn’t been out in ages. Catacombed in walls and the spaces between. He wept in the light, the darkness illuminated, weak and empty. But he knew, nothing. Just like everyone else. Through the city he moved like Sisyphus. […]

My Mother is a Fish – Short Story #13

[With apologies to William Faulkner.] My mother is a fish. Darl killed her, I saw it. He took that knife and then all there was was was nothing but red stained grass by the porch I saw it I swear. […]

Point. – Short Story #12

without origin or purpose he was without a grasp of any semblance of personality or character but that is none of your concern now to our story this this man we shall call him if we must was without the […]

The Blue Expanse – Short Story #10

The boat jettisoned the port with fury, heading west. But Sir. William Mansfield was far more lethargic than the festivities encompassing him. He was in no hurry, by any means of the word, for this departing, colored so brightly with wild fanfare. […]

Lilith and the Nixie – Short Story #9

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust She had gone this way before, walking through these woods as she often did. Though she must have gotten turned around somewhere, because all […]

Path to Lethe – Short Story #8

With exception to the moon, it was dark. Walking among the giants they in silence wept. Where they were going no one knew. But there we’re going. That counts for something. Doesn’t it? I don’t know. They didn’t know, either. They […]

And He Laughed – Short Story #7

It’s not like they weren’t aware of the situation. But perhaps they didn’t care, or cared too much to give it any notice. He had read one time of a particle so shy and so fragile that when a scientist tried to study it it […]