Hyper Legalism > Hyper Grace? No.

The so called “Hyper-Grace” message has been hailed as “the greatest deception of the 21st century.” Many prominent leaders have spoken out by writing books, and giving messages exposing this “great danger”. But is Hyper Grace really such a big […]

“Prone to Sin” – Disgrace to Grace #4

Disgrace To Grace is a series of articles written to debunk doctrines that I believe have hijacked the Good News of God’s outrageous grace. Here’s #4, enjoy! Prone to Sin I grew up believing that at the core of my existence, […]

Freedom From Sin – D.R. Silva

The grace message, which is now being ignorantly slandered around the world, is the inviatation to the whole creation to boldly approach their creator without the fear that He’s going to crush them because of their rotten behavior. Come and […]

Is Grace Permission to Sin?

Let’s say, for example, that your town has the best firemen in the country. Your towns firefighters have never missed a single fire. Which means no burned down houses, and no injured people. In a word, your firefighters are flawless. […]