Ecological Fatalism

I wrote this paper for my Old Testament class at seminary, and I think it merits sharing here. The assignment was to reflect on the wilderness account and relate it to a personal or modern issue. I chose to write […]

How to Read Jürgen Moltmann

Here I discuss how to read Jürgen Moltmann. Overall, he is quite readable on his own, but I suggest which books to begin with, as well as some of the secondary literature available. Books by Moltmann: The Way of Jesus […]

Jürgen Moltmann in 5 Minutes

No one can learn Jürgen Moltmann in five minutes, of course. But here I aim to introduce you to what I think are a few of the central ideas in his theology. My book on Moltmann

“The Transformative Church” by Patrick Oden – a Review

Book: The Transformative Church: New Ecclesial Models and the Theology of Jürgen Moltmann (Emerging Scholars) [AMAZON LINK] Publisher: Fortress Press [LINK] Overview: Oden’s book is broken up into two parts. The first addresses Moltmann’s theology as it relates to the Church, and the […]

“Theology as Hope” by Ryan A. Neal (a Review)

Book: Theology as Hope: On the Ground and Implications of Jürgen Moltmann’s Doctrine of Hope (Princeton Monograph Series) [AMAZON LINK] Publisher: Pickwick Publications [LINK] Overview: Theology as Hope is a carefully written, thoughtful book, which studies Moltmann’s major “Contributions to Systematic Theology” within the […]

Jürgen Moltmann on the Rapture and “Left Behind”

  Jürgen Moltmann discusses the problem of religious escapism, with a particular appeal against the rapture theory, in his book, Ethics of Hope: Here a religious escapism is coming to the fore especially in the present spread of a vague Gnostic […]

Jürgen Moltmann and Evangelical Theology: a Review

Book: Jürgen Moltmann and Evangelical Theology: A Critical Engagement edited by Sung Wook Chung (Amazon link) Publisher: Pickwick Publications (an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers) (Publishers link) Overview: This volume represents a fair and surprisingly appreciative engagement with Moltmann from the evangelical […]