The Quote that Made Me Read Jürgen Moltmann

I was writing something about Jürgen Moltmann the other day, and for some reason it had me think back to the first quote I read from him that really won me over. The quote convinced me to finally pick up […]

Is God More Like Batman or Superman?

It could just be a matter of opinion. But whenever I think about who’s the more compelling character, Batman or Superman, it’s Batman hands down. This weekend Ketlin and I went to see the new Batman Vs. Superman movie, and […]

“I Know Someone Who Was in Hell: Christ” (Moltmann)

Happy Holy Saturday! Holy Saturday, especially in protestant churches, is a deeply under appreciated part of the Easter story. In recent years, though, as I’ve meditated more on what it means, I’ve become convinced that Holy Saturday is just as essential to […]

The Weakness of God

In my book, Where Was God? (which you can get right now for free), I explore the idea of God’s impassability (His inability to suffer) in the face of human suffering. If God has suffered and died on the cross, why do we say that […]

Yes! To Life (Jürgen Moltmann)

“One evening I read the following passage in Augustine’s Confessions: But what do I love when I love you? Not the beauty of any body or the rhythm of time in its movement; not the radiance of light, so dear to […]

T. F. Torrance on the Passible Impassibility of God

T. F. Torrance writes in dialogue with Jurgen Moltmann, towards the end of his (incredible!) work, The Christian Doctrine of God: One God Three Persons (LINK), on the tough issue of God’s Impassibility (which simply means the inability of God to suffer). […]

God in All Things

St. Hilary, the 4th century Bishop of Poitiers, writes the following: There is no space where God is not; space does not exist apart from Him. He is in heaven, in hell, beyond the seas; dwelling in all things and […]