REVIEW: Samuel Beckett’s ‘Philosophy Notes’

Book: Samuel Beckett’s ‘Philosophy Notes’ edited by Steven Matthews and Matthew Feldman Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2020. Overview: This volume contains Becket’s most extensive previously unpublished writings: his philosophy notes from the 1930s. The editorial work that went into the text is impressive, as […]

Jürgen Moltmann’s Letter

I was honored to receive a letter today from one of my theological heroes, the great German theologian of hope herr professor Jürgen Moltmann. I wrote professor Moltmann in February and had almost given up “hope” that I’d ever hear a response. This […]

The 12 Best Books I Read in 2016

It’s been a great year for reading. My goal this year was to read eighty books, and, to my surprise, I reached that goal in June. I’ve since far surpassed my goal and have read a total of 124 books! […]

Not Any More – Short Story # 17

(Introductory note: here is an experiment with three sentences, repeated and scrambled, to form an abstract word-picture of pure subjective presentation. The final coherent phrase at the end of each paragraph is the original sentence pre-scrambled.  Inspiration: How It Is, Beckett.)   almost one […]

On the Train – Short Story #5

They were on the train for what seemed like years. Frank, Kim, and Winston were going somewhere on the train from where they came from. It was dark outside. A little cold. And altogether they were in a positive mood. […]