The Bible is Not a Guide Book

This week I took the time to read Peter Enns fantastic little book, The Bible Tells Me So. It has been a book on my reading list for some time, but it was recently discounted to $1.99, so I had to snatch […]

Thomas F. Torrance on the Bible (11 Quotes)

A few weeks ago I finished reading Thomas Torrance’s book Reality and Evangelical Theology. In this book, renowned theologian Thomas Torrance deals with an important issue, especially in today’s church: the bible. How should we interpret the Scriptures? Is the bible inerrant (perfect)? […]

Thomas Torrance on Fundamentalism and the Bible

I purchased an old, ex-library copy of Thomas F. Torrance’s Reality and Evangelical Theology (1981 Payton Lectures) a few months ago, and I am finally getting around to reading it. I wasn’t sure from the title what exactly to expect from the book, […]

God is Not a Book

The eternal and holy Word of God is not a leather-bound book that you read every now and then. The Word of God is not a bunch pages with ink printed on them. The Bible is not the Word of […]